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The Sauna at the Trails Recreation Center will be CLOSED all day on Friday, May 31 for maintenance.

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Welcome to Trails Park and Recreation District

Whether you’re looking for a nearby park, swimming lessons, recreation center, outdoor pool, local basketball court, dance lessons, or family fun center, Trails Park and Recreation District has facilities and programs that are tailored to meet the diverse interests and needs of individuals, families, and residents within Centennial, Colorado.

Formerly called Arapahoe Park and Recreation District, Trails Park and Recreation District (TPRD) provides a variety of services for residents living in unincorporated portions of Arapahoe County. We invite you to explore our website and register for a class, check out a park map, read about district projects, and join us at a facility or amenity today!
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Your path to community, health, and family.


Trails Park and Recreation District has been committed to providing spaces and places since 1983.


TPRD operates 3 different facilities: Trails Recreation Center, Trails Skate Park, and Lookout Pool.


Daily drop-in fitness classes are offered to rec center members (reservations are required).


We hold annual community events that get families and friends outdoors and enjoying nature.



Trails Park and Recreation District, or TPRD, is a Special District that was formed in 1982 by the Arapahoe County Commissioners and area landholders for planning, acquiring, developing, maintaining, and programming of parks, open space, trails, and recreational amenities for the residents of unincorporated Arapahoe County (City of Centennial) that were not being served by adjacent entities. If you want to learn more about TPRD and its mission, please click here. To learn more about what a special district is, please read this blog

To date, Trails Park and Recreation District has developed 1 recreation center, 1 skatepark, 20 parks, approximately 25 miles of trails, and maintains over 300 acres of natural areas. We are also actively developing additional parks and trails while refurbishing and enhancing current assets. To learn more about the parks, trails, and facilities TPRD provides, click here. To learn more about ongoing district projects, please check out this page. 

One of our most frequently asked questions is if someone is a resident of our district. Because we are a special district, being a resident of Arapahoe County or even the City of Centennial doesn’t automatically grant someone access to TPRD facilities. However, you can use this map to find out if you are a resident. 

Please note, we are working on ways to improve the map interface.

We offer the use and rental of a variety of different shelters and pavilions found at any of our parks. It’s the perfect location for any birthday party, barbeque, block party, or community gathering you might be hosting. Click here to see the list of rentable park picnic tables. To read more about our policy regarding sports field rentals, click here.

In January 2024, Arapahoe Park and Recreation District formally rebranded to become Trails Park and Recreation District (TPRD). This was done to help alleviate some of the confusion caused by having a similar name to Arapahoe County. Though our name has changed, we’re still dedicated to upholding the same standard APRD has been known for for over 40 years. To learn more about our rebrand, click here. 

Trails Park and Recreation District
Ongoing Projects & the Blog

“To enhance the quality of life for the families and individuals in our community by providing them with exceptional parks, trails, facilities, and recreational activities that foster overall well-being.”

Trails Park and Recreation District — Mission Statement

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